Why People Choose Us

GowShala, a Sanskrit word, means the adobe or sancturay for the cows and its progeny as calves, oxen and Bull. (In Sanskrit, Go or Gau or Gow means Cow, Shala means a sanctuary).Named after Hindu monkey God Hanuman (Shree Mahavir isanother name for Hanuman). Shree Jagannath puri GowShala is the sanctuary or the abode for all kinds of cow, calves, oxen and bull whether old, sick, abandoned. Shree Jagannath puri GowShala also recognised by "Animal Welfare Board of India"

The Gowshala is run in the town of Puri & Jatni established in the year 1885 and registered under The Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 no. 5979 of 1932-33 dated 17.03.1933 (located in the east Indian state of Odisha) and an effort to care for these kind, innocent, gentle and lovely animals, that today are the victims and a gainful conduit for so many unlawful means.

The objectives of the foundation are to spread awareness about animals related facts and treatments and provide necessary help to the innocent animals.

Our Mission

One of our motive to undertake welfare activities for blind and disabled cows, calves, oxen and bull in nearby area. It provides better veterinary services, health-care and vaccination services and fodder to cows reach to us from nearby areas.

Our mission is to save cows, calves, oxen and bull and helping blind and disable and provide medical relief to injured, bleeding to hospital for treatment.

Weekly check-up by experience doctor each and every cows, calves, oxen and bull in our Gowshala. If you wish to donate by any means for helping our trust to save cows, calves, oxen and bull and gives proper care, treatment for blind, disable or stray please contact us or Send your donations or inquire more at following address:

Shree Jagannath Puri Gowshala

1) Markande Sahi, Markande Talao, Puri

Manager – Sri Surendra Jha

Ph – 9437000426

2) Main Bazar, PO – Jatani,

Rly. Station Road, Khurdha Road

Manager – Sri Rambharose Yadav

Ph – 8339061046

Our Vision

Our vision is to take this 131 year old recipient of President Award Gowshala to take it to new heights by upgrading with new technology and use of by products commercially to help in upliftment of cows.